[Penguins & co.]

We are a product innovation and brand development consultancy.

Built by people that believe in outcome-driven innovation, measurable business metrics, the value and importance of strategic design and engineering.

We love solving hard problems. With bare hands and keyboards.

How we see it

Fact: The world is full of poorly designed and engineered customer experiences, inferior engineering, and money wasted on products with no real market and solution fit.

With an emphasis on straight-forwardness and clear communicationYou don’t need yea-sayers. You need people who will challenge your assumptions, walk the walk, guide you, and help you create value in the world and achieve measurable success.

How we do it

- Functional & strategic design.
- Simplicity without noise.
- Sustainable and high-performing.
- Solve a real problem.
- Impeccably engineered.

Our services

- Product discovery, research and engineering.
- Brand identity and visual identity development.
- UI/UX design.
- Web and mobile software development.

Ways of Working

We understand that every company and product is built a bit differently. We aim to find the best possible way of collaboration so we can meet every business requirement with a transparent process.


Have requirements? Roadmap? Clear goal in mind? Our dedicated team handles your project from start to finish, end to end.


Tight deadline? Can’t find a particular skillset? Need more hands? We provide you with experts that are fully managed by you without any additional hustle and things you don’t like.


Unsure if your customers really want what you are building? Launching your product in new markets? Product strategy missing? With a decade of experience working in different industries and ventures our core team can help you create and define just about anything strategic you require

We can innovate together, let’s get in touch.

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