[you asked for it]

We are a multidisciplinary design firm based in Belgrade, Serbia. Our crew primarily specializes in branding, UI/UX design & web technologies.

Screw it

Screw the ‘About Us’ Page telling you how great everything is. The facts are simple: we are not an agency that has deep roots in the creative industry with founders born in 1847. We are a team trying hard as hell to make projects that kick ass. If you think we can achieve the same for you, drop us a message. If not, you’re welcome to Google somebody else (or simply get your nephew to do the Photoshop work for $10 and an ice cream cone). Not that we don’t like ice cream, we’re just not greenhorns who can be bribed like that.

We’re bad motherf*****s, who live for and from their work.

On behalf of the konstrukt team:

david brbaklic

david brbaklic,
head of design

what’s our expertise?

lay your bricks the right way

Consulting Visual Communications Brand Identity Strategy
User Experience& User Interface WebTechnologies Mobile Apps ContentManagement

food, beer
and food again.

Who runs this place?

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