Logo facelift

The old logo, although memorable, had many problems in terms of it’s execution. We made the trademark rooster bolder and corrected his posture to make it stand more firmly. The typography was polished and the wavy lines that support it straightened. Furhermore, we swapped the regular red with its warmer hue – #179 from the Pantone Matching System.



We analyzed the current market offer of poultry meat products, and realized that it is saturized with monotonous packaging solutions that almost as a rule feature gradient colored backgrounds on top of which some typography is placed combined with an idealized photo of the meat product. Starting from the packaging the client used, we thought to ourselves: why show picture-perfect-hotdogs on the front side when the back is transparent? Also, thuth to be told, production techniques are such that they result in slightly imperfect hotdogs in terms of shape and size. So, a potential buyer could only get discouraged to buy the product if they saw one thing on the photo and something different when they turned the packaging over.

By applying monochrome backgrounds (white and black), using bold, high-contrast typography and creating friendly ilustrations of the trademark rooster, we gave the face of the packaging character, while the back was kept transparent, embracing the hotdogs and sausages with all their imperfections. Luckily, thanks to our client’s visionary spirit, this approach got a green light.

Packaging will be rolling out sequentially in the following months, while the new logo is expected to be applied to all brand collateral by the end of 2016.


15th Anniversary Brand Update

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