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The problem

The Europe Basketball Academy is an international basketball institution dedicated to adapting players from all around the world to playing professional basketball in Europe. Since its founding in 2010, the Academy has been struggling with an unappealing and incoherent visual identity and a barely functional website. After facing an identity crisis in late 2014 that resulted in major trust issues coming from prospective clients, the management team decided it was time for a big change.

Our goal

Due to the generic nature of the Academy’s name, we decided to detach from the most obvious and common practice of branding a basketball related institution with a graphic representation of a basketball. Instead, we opted for the only constant on the court – the rim. The memorable “We Raise Players” slogan reminds of the Academy’s commitment to elevating players’ careers through education. The website as the prime exposure channel is currently in production while we are gradually launching the rebrand across other web channels. The goal set by both our client partner and us is simple: set new standards in the basketball world.

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Europe Basketball Academy - Desktop


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