Koffein Logo

Our goal

Drinking coffee is an important ritual for each and every one of us. We set out to bring this experience to an entirely different level by creating the Koffein’s naming strategy, brand identity, and packaging. In order to make the word “Kofein” (caffeine in Serbian) more memorable, we opted for a double F as a play on its English counterpart. We also introduced a wavy line resembling that of a coffee grain’s on top. Our tagline “Flavors of Excellence” was chosen as it reflected the shop’s pursuit of perfection in coffee preparation.

The results

Since the first shop opened its doors to the public in downtown Belgrade in 2013, it has changed how people drink and enjoy coffee. In just one year of its existence, Koffein became a cult place in Belgrade, serving hundreds of people each day. They recently opened a spacious “coffee museum” in Belgrade’s city center to give even more people the opportunity to taste the perfect cup of coffee.

Koffein Cups Branding
Koffein store exterior
Koffein packaging


Coffee Shop

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