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Nickel & Swan is an advanced option analytics platform that helps options traders make better trades in their everyday options trading. The platform derives market insights from vast options market data, enables sharing of trade ideas and provides options traders with trade optimizations based on users risk/reward profiles.

Our goal

The name of the startup is a reference to both ends of the trading strategy spectrum: nickel strategy on one end and swan strategy on the other. The logo is conceived as a simple wordmark with a recognizable visual twist. By personalizing the ampersand to hold the name of the company in itself, we created a standalone symbol and increased the logo’s flexibility for a variety of uses. Following the identity development, our team was assigned to envision the UX/UI aspect of the platform. Nickel & Swan is currently in closed beta phase and is expected to go public by mid-2016. We will publish the rest of the project at that time.

Nickel & Swan Icons
Nickel & Swan Icons


Nickel & Swan

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